Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The past couple of days have been filled with many fun activities. Over the Weekend Caroline's Family and i visited Dachau the concentration camp. It was very surreal and sad but it is important to learn the history about it. Afterwards, we went into München to shop. It is very beautiful there but everything in Germany is so expensive. We only had one hour to shop, which is not nearly enough time to spend there so we will be going back next weekend! Later that week we went to the Altstadtfest in town and we danced the night away. It was a very cool experience and i met a lot of new people. The bands that were playing we're better than i thought they would be and they sung many songs i was familiar with. During the week we went to a bbq, watched the Germany vs USA game, visited Salzbergwerk and Königssee. The mine we went to ended up being very exciting, thanks to the slides that we could go down instead of using the stairs. When we went to the lake Königssee, Matt and I shopped our butts off. I bought my best friend Jacob suspenders with the Bavarian flag on it, my sister a necklace, and my other friend Jake a leather wallet. So far, i have spent 200 US Dollars all on gifts for other people, i have only bought one sweatshirt for myself. I wanted to get my dad a small beer mug with his name on it. However, i only found one with his name mispelled. It said "Denis" instead of "Dennis." Overall it has been a fun week in Germany.